KENERGON the best solution against the premature ejaculation. Did you know that 4 men out of 10 suffer from it without to have found a processing which is truly effective? 
This product was developed by the Laboratories Magistra SA, located in Geneva, in Switzerland.  The name Kenergon is a trademark.
The special formula of Kenergon spray decreases the hypersensivity of the gland penis. This hypersensivity triggers orgasm too rapidity, thus leaving both partners feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.
Kenergon allows its user to control his ejaculation. Ejaculation accurs when he wants  it and not before, and a sustained and completely satisfying sexuel act becomes possible for both partners.
Fear of premature ejaculation disappears and the user recovers complete confidence in his sexual capacity.
Kenergon is thus highly effective in controlling the problem of quick ejaculation.
The efficacy of Kenergon spray has been clearly proven by a clinical trial carried out in accordance with the most rigorous medical standards.
Approved by the Authorities for the Control of Medicine (IOCM). Kenergon is a registred trademark by Laboratories Magistra SA.

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